Arron Afflalo Quotes

15 Arron Afflalo quotes:

"You've got, supposedly, the best player in the country. You've got two big winners, two West Coast teams. It will be a treat, especially for all of the TV viewers who don't normally see us."
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"Our heart and everything we do on the floor is always a tribute to him, whether he's healthy or not."
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"We're trying to carry on something that John Wooden started. Winning this is more meaningful that what it appears. At least to us."
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"I was just trying to mainly guard the 3-point shot. But, he's (Steele) so quick, he made a sudden stop and gained enough space to get a look. Fortunately, it just fell short."
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"This team is still very good, despite all the injuries, despite all the unfortunate circumstances and obstacles we've had to overcome. I still think we can win. All these injuries are tough, but all you can do is laugh at them, get in rehab and recover."
"Being turnover-free and rebounding, those are coach's two main things. And he's definitely a defensive-minded coach."
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"That's the way you want it — you want to control your own destiny. We've played some tough games, some NCAA-type games."
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"I haven't (studied) much yet. I'll do some when we get back from practice."
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"I was running around celebrating with the rest of my team. But I saw him laying there in tears a little bit. I just felt for him. He's a great player. There's really no reason for him - outside the fact that he's a competitor and wanted to win - that he has to cry. He's a great player and he's going to have a great (NBA) career. He should definitely keep his head up."
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"He's just so sharp. He's aware of everything, it's like he's whatever age. He just knows so much, and he's done so much for this school, you just want to listen."
"They played to perfection tonight."
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"Personally, I really don't try to look back on games too much. That's the worst thing to do, to get caught up in the way things went last game. I mean, for one, you can't look back on it and learn from that experience."
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"Defensively, he's just long. You know, he has the ability to change shots if he's not blocking them. He plays with a lot of energy."
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"We're definitely focused on Saturday. There was no dumping water or things of that nature. We're on a six-game mission, one game at a time."
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"We're not playing for just our team, our university. We're trying to carry on something that John Wooden started."
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