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"I tried to get her to join groups in Washington where they had charity groups for young professionals. I tried to get her to meet young men her own age. I asked her all kinds of things, ... I did what mothers do when they're trying to get a grown-up child off a bad course. But I, myself, could not control this situation. I tried to. I could not control it."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"I begged her to get another job. I begged her to date other people and start a different life. But there was no way and nothing I could have done at that time and no one I could have said this to, because it would have been unbelievable."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"That it is dangerous for foolish young women to -- to -- to -- to get involved in things that are not --not where they should be involved,"
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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