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14 Kyle Petty quotes:

"Robbie has been a part of our family for a long time, and we're happy to have him come home,"
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"Obviously, keeping secrets in this garage isn't particularly a tradition or anything. You have the three main methods of communication ... telephone, telegraph and tell somebody in the Cup garage. Still, it could be done."
"This sponsorship allows us some friendly competition, which is always fun. We are especially grateful to Checkers for their donation to the Victory Junction Gang, our camp for terminally ill children. We look forward to racing the Checkers Gator car at Miami."
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"This time of year is like the reverse of Christmas. You automatically assume the worst of everyone and everyone's intentions."
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"Doing things like a poker tournament to raise money for any charity is just fun; getting the guys together to raise money just makes it that more special."
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"It's a funny thing, because I thought the longer I went, the easier it would get. The truth is, the longer it goes, the harder it gets."
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"[Petty Enterprises driver/CEO Kyle Petty says both parties could lose. If McMurray pouts, it will hurt his reputation. But if Ganassi plays] too hard a ball, ... Jamie signed a contract, and he should live up to his contract."
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"I look at it as smart growth. Smart marketing. Is there a case to be made that we're too many places and we're too many places too fast? There probably is. But at the same time, there's not a seat to be had in the house, and people are tuning in all over the country. So you can't argue against it, either."
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"When we looked at it, we'd made very little progress over the last four or five years. We weren't going in the right direction, so we had to look outside our own circle."
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"The problem isn't necessarily the driver signing a contract in August of 2005 to race for another team in 2007,"
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"It was a night race when nothing else was a night race,"
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"When you've lost a son, there's no price you can put on safety for the driver."
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"Consistently running second or third gets you a championship every year in our series. That hasn't changed. You can talk about the Chase all you want, but . . . you're still going to get people who have a shot at the championship or are in the top 10 who haven't won races. There's nothing wrong with that."
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"Having Tony's support has been huge for Victory Junction. He was one of the first drivers to get on board with us, and beyond the money he and his foundation have donated to the camp, he's brought notoriety, which has helped fuel interest in the camp. It's just one more example of how when we're on the track we're fierce competitors, but off the track we're all united in trying to improve the lives of others, especially children. I've always admired his charitable work and it's an honor to have him as a part of the Victory Junction family."
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