Hani Durzy Quotes

5 Hani Durzy quotes:

"He has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in leading the financial strategy and direction of large companies. We're continuing to grow at a rapid rate."
Author: Durzy Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"It's probably among the most valuable things every sold on behalf of a charity on eBay."
Author: Durzy Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"We've worked with the New York Attorney General's office to provide them with information on people that were breaking their state laws as well as to make adjustments to how we message what our policy is to eBay users,"
Author: Durzy Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"That sort of thing sometimes happens on high-profile listings, its what we call bogus bidding people just bidding with no intention to pay for it. People sometimes do that because they think it is funny, and it's not."
Author: Durzy Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"It governs the types of payments services that sellers can market in their listings. Of course, due to the nature of eBay being a marketplace, we can't monitor or control how buyers and sellers actually complete payments and transactions."
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