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"We've got to win in the heartland of America, ... Democrats are more liberal than the country as a whole."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Those of us who are not lucky enough to get the preview beta are still sitting here wondering if Lotus can deliver on all of the 5.0 promises, ... I'm looking at '99 planning, and my patience is growing thin."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Patience Quotes Promises Quotes
"Let's stop arguing about it, let's pass the president's plan ... more prosecutors, more after-school programs. We can't sit by and watch these trends continue."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Not only is she going to have a new home, but she's going to have someplace . . . someplace to feel safe."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"It was an experience that you wouldn't want to miss, but it was absolutely exhausting and everyone was thrilled when it was over. It's not the first thing I'd put on the list of the American dream, but people who want to be there bad enough should have the chance to go."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"The reconstruction, massive as it is, is really the easy part. Rebuilding confidence, especially among the poor and vulnerable, is going to be extraordinarily difficult."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes

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