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"Don't be anyone's side dish. If you're in this kind of situation and I'm offending you that's just too bad, because you need to hear it. Reality Check- A man doesn't want a side of broccoli when he has a giant steak in front of him. FYI- You're not the steak."
"When you do find love--real love, it's the most wonderful, awful feeling in the world. There's nothing like it. Love can make you feel invincible and vulnerable all at the same time. You're trusting someone with the most precious part of you...your heart"
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"Have you looked around lately? There are more muffin-top, camel-toe, wedgie-assed women on the street than hotdog stands! These women need to take a hard look in the mirror, and be honest with themselves. No one knows what size is labeled on the inside of your clothes. Please, for the love of God, buy the bigger size, because we're all a bit tired of looking at the outline of your labia!"
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"I don't need a man to make me happy. I want a man who adds to my happiness in a way that is so indescribable, not even Webster could find written word to explain it."
"Some day you'll have someone worth holding on to... Someone who won't ever want to let you go...Someone who won't make you wonder if they were the one who got away, because that someone will be right there beside you, thanking the other someone who let you get away."
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"The common misconception is that women who like to be treated a certain way are high maintenance. It's not being high maintenance, it's called having class"
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