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12 Brian Idalski quotes:

"We hope the experience of hosting last year helps a little this year. It's a different atmosphere and a different week leading up to the game."
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"That was cool. It sure made it a lot more fun knowing all those guys."
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"I don't think a lot of people expected us to have the kind of season we've had. For this young group to grow up as quickly as they have says a lot for them as well as the seniors and juniors who have helped pull them along all season."
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"I'm hoping it doesn't come down to that, but if that happens, I'll take that. Hockey is a game where a goalie that is feeling it can change the outcome of a game. Amy has that kind of talent."
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"A lot of times the kids would rather have to make a trip somewhere they haven't been or played. Being on the road gives them a chance to make memories together."
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"We knew they would be a strength, but I didn't anticipate them being as good as they have been. They take a lot of pride in playing well and doing things the right way. And all of them are self-motivated. As a group they keep getting better."
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"We have to have the confidence that if we outwork people good things will happen. This is our playoff drive and I think our young team was feeling the pressure. This was good for them."
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"There has been some growth over the past couple weeks. I think the young kids get it and now things are clicking pretty well, so I'm happy about that."
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"We know that we have to go out and try to win the playoff championship. The rest of it is out of our control."
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"We talked about the importance of scoring playoff type goals. Creating traffic in front of the net, moving into the slot and finding the open area. Tonight it happened to be higher in the slot."
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"Not much has changed over the last few years. All our games have been highly competitive and I'm looking forward to another. When you play a team that many times, it comes down to focus and how you react to adversity."
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"For our team, with all our young kids, that was amazing. They've put it together at the right time."
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