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"We are going to treat it as a normal week just like any other game. Obviously, our kids know it's homecoming, but as a football team, we haven't even talked about it."
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"We went above and beyond. We're required to notify all neighbors, but we notified everyone in that township range because of our experience in the initial review. We notified everyone in Milner and everyone in Saddle Mountain Estates. So far, we haven't received any comments."
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"If he wants to give her judicial experience why doesn't he nominate her to the Fifth Circuit (Court of Appeals)?"
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"All are very strong judges. The one who's probably best prepared for the role of state Supreme Court justice is Vance Raye. The others are highly regarded. Morrison England is a relatively recent appointment to a court. For him, a little more time on the bench would be useful."
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"We don't really worry about who we are playing,"
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"We would best honor Chief Justice Rehnquistâs memory and legacy by getting back to his project of restoring constitutionalism. That means enforcing the limits on government that are clearly in the Constitution and not making up and enforcing rights that are not in the Constitution."

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