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6 Paul Ginsburg quotes:

"It's certainly not a good sign for providers. United and John Deere have the ability to negotiate lower rates."
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"It's definitely going to be inspiring to other states about how there was this compromise."
"When spending on health care goes up faster than earnings … people are priced out of the health insurance market."
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"I don't see any silver bullet out there that is going to alter the trajectory of our health system, which is one of spending more and more to care for fewer and fewer people."
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"The more expensive our system becomes the bigger the gap between the health care haves and have-nots."
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"So far, employers have been absorbing a lot of the costs because of the tight labor market, but that's not expected to continue. I expect we'll see more patient cost-sharing. Consumers will have to pay more for their flexibility in choosing providers."
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