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"making an assessment and providing some advice and working with the Philippine troops."
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"Effective missile defense -- not only homeland defense but also the ability to defend U.S. allies abroad and our friends -- must be achieved in the most cost-effective manner that modern technology offers,"
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"The confusion of Iraqi officials is growing, ... Their ability to see what is happening on the battlefield, to communicate with their forces and to control their country is slipping away."
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"Inspectors do not have the duty or the ability to uncover terrible weapons hidden in a vast country. The responsibility of inspectors is simply to confirm evidence of voluntary and total disarmament. Saddam Hussein has the responsibility to provide that evidence, as directed, and in full"
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"The people who committed these acts are clearly determined to try to force the United States of America and our values from the world, or to respond by curtailing our freedoms. If we do that, the terrorists will have won, and we have no intention of doing so,"
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"But it's important for each of you to know that that is not the values of America and it's not your values. And I know that and you know that and your families know that. And we're proud of you -- each of you. We're proud of your service."
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"to represent the best of what America stands for to a foreign audience."
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"My latest information is they have not come to an agreement, ... It's an investigation. It is done together. We'll just have to wait and see."
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"We will be focusing on those quality of life issues: health, and education, and housing and pay,"
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"As the president said, it is a natural disaster of historic proportion, ... No one can come up with anything that approximates this in the history of our country."
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"If in doubt, move decisions up to the President."
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"What they need is blankets and tents and medicines. They have a lot of doctors, people on the ground."
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"I guess the one word that comes to mind is really 'duty.' You've done yours, ... The people of New York have done theirs, and the men and women in uniform are still doing theirs."
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"If there's a failure, it's me. It's my failure for not understanding and knowing that there were hundreds -- or however many there are of these things -- that could eventually end up in the public and do the damage they've done,"
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"it is our expectation the secretary will seek a higher figure and we will of course take a look at it."
"Many countries, for example, have questions about the pace and scope of China's military expansion,"
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"In the execution of Presidential decisions work to be true to his views, in fact and tone."
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"In fact, in a number of parts of the country, people already have more food, water and electricity than they had under the old regime, ... But some do not have these necessities, and the coalition is working day and night to help provide them."
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"We are seeing history unfold, events that will shape the course of a country, the fate of a people and potentially the future of the region."
Author: Rumsfeld Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"The stronger the interim government gets, the more effective the security situation in the country gets, the less likely that there will be substantial operations like this. But that's some distance off,"
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