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21 Peter Mandelson quotes:

"after receiving a full report from the security forces and on the advice of the police this morning."
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"The responsibility rests squarely with the EU and their ability to come forward with an offer on agriculture."
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"I am very glad that we have been able to reach agreement on this important question. The EU has worked hard for this outcome and welcomes that others have moved to make this possible."
"We are taking another step towards the full implementation of the Good Friday agreement and putting in place the framework for real partnership and cooperation,"
"I hope we will get an agreement, if we are going to get an agreement at all, before the summit."
"There are some very needy developing countries, like for example the cotton producers of west Africa."
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"We still have a small breathing space to see whether it's possible to find a solution to the crisis we're now facing."
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"I did feel encouraged by what I heard around the table."
"It was not evident in Hong Kong that other important partners are ready to take the hard decisions, make the offers and the contributions that will be needed if this round is to end on a successful note in a year or more."
"The people of Northern Ireland, whose future depends on these talks, deserve a bit more hope. That's what we're giving them today,"
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"even when they are their most unwelcome and most bloody, have a sort of rugged honesty about them."
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Honesty Quotes
"There are better ideas. We are working from the same starting point, which was not previously the case."
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"Progress does not depend on unilateral moves by particular players but on what everyone can put into the mix together. I have a fairly good idea of where Europe can end up eventually but moving the EU will really depend not just on our red lines, but the overall balance."
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"We need to make progress in other areas. We need to address the whole of the agenda if we are to make the progress we want to do,"
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"There was no major breakthrough [although] we made progress in a number of areas."
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"China has a responsibility (to ensure) that no artificial, unreasonable barriers remain in place to European goods sold to Chinese markets."
"They have a very great responsibility indeed for making sure that what has been achieved is taken forward,"
"The idea that there are likely to be shortages and shelves going empty is rather far from the truth,"
Author: Mandelson Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"We must not sacrifice the CAP."
"The European Union will match -- and indeed go substantially beyond -- the 60 percent cut in the most trade-distorting support proposed by the U.S.,"
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