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Mark Pudlow Quotes

8 Mark Pudlow quotes:

"With all teachers suffering because of low pay in a state with high growth in the cost of living, particularly in housing, (Winn's plan) is like putting a big screen TV in your living room and not fixing the hole in your roof."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"This kind of commitment is what was needed from the start. It's great that they've finally realized that they have a responsibility in the class-size amendment to fund construction."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"It doesn't look neutral to us. If we're not understanding this and we've been dealing with this for months, how's a teacher going to understand it?"
"The state Supreme Court has ruled that vouchers don't fly. This federal rule is just a way around state law, and we would definitely be opposed to it."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"It's kind of like getting a big-screen TV when you have a hole in the roof of your living room. This is something we'd be willing to talk about, but we are losing teachers [too quickly]. We need to solve the problem of having a reasonable salary before we start talking about extras."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Until we get the base pay for all teachers up, we are going to have these recruiting and retention problems. It's like putting a fancy porch on your house when your floor is sagging."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"As it is, the children in Florida are tested within an inch of their lives, and I don't think they need any more tests."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"By measuring things simply on a standardized test, you're never going to get a full picture of education in Florida. There's more individual attention."
Author: Pudlow Quotes Category: Education Quotes

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