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"Homework routines are important. A mistake that many parents want to make is that all their children have exactly the same routine for homework. And any parent with more than one child can tell you that children learn differently from each other."
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"I think the child psychologists are well-intentioned and are speaking for a good number of children, but education is too complicated to be governed by black and white rules."
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"I've seen some kids as young as second or third grade use planners ... the very elementary planners. Letting kids see that a planner can help them get their projects done and organize their time at home can be very helpful."
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"It's very helpful if parents have some sort of calendar that is large enough and is posted in a prominent place. In one color you have written when the science fair project is due. And then you backtrack from that date breaking down that science fair project into manageable chunks of time. Great big projects tend to scare kids."
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"So many parents were asking us for this. We were just responding to what they wanted."
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