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"I guess the league is trying to clean up the image. They've done surveys . . . and they say that we're behind baseball and football and the rest of the sports. But also we're one of the most visible sports in all of sports, so we get more notoriety. Our faces are shown. . . . We're just in tank tops and shorts. We're more visible. That's probably why we get that type of [negative] perception."
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"The kid had a lot of hype coming out of high school, and nobody understands the type of pressure that is at such a young age. It's amazing that he can handle the type of pressure that's been put on him since such a young age, and he's been doing it well."
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"One cool thing about mathematics is they (the audience) don't have to be able to understand math to see the passion that makes it so exciting to them."
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"You could tell this is a team that's ready to get the season over. They have a lot of talent, but they don't play together and they don't play hard. Mentally, those guys are ready for summer. They realize they have nothing to play for. Once you get a lead on them, they lose confidence. When you get a big lead, you feel you've got them."
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"We might have to cancel practice next year."
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