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"We're talking about functionality, how the place will be used, the kind of events, the circulation inside the building."
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"We want to benefit from their own experience, as well as the conversations they can have with their friends and neighbors, to make sure that the county is listening and responsive to the public in this process."
Author: Holt Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"We talked about the needs of children. After several meetings it was clear the group had a shared dream and common vision, ... In this neighborhood, test scores are low, crime rate is high. We need to develop children who grow into healthy and thoughtful adults."
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"We're not worried about the size meeting the needs now and well into the future."
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"In our research what we found was that Wichita is a 13,500-seat arena town. What we also found, though, was that the move to 15,000 seats for basketball had a negligible effect on the price of the building. Go beyond that, though, and the costs go up."
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"We will have space that will be unfinished for more suites if the market demands that and or that space might be used for other kind of seating but it's not for a large expansion, just a different use of the space inside the arena walls if you will."
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