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"You're looking at someone who has that leadoff ability but also could get you home runs. We see Andrew as having a power kind of swing, and we want to make sure we give him the opportunity to develop that."
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"If you push a player to a level above his ability, he goes into survival mode and he doesn't get better. All he does is try to play to survive regardless of how talented he is."
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"He's a bullpen guy. I don't think there is any doubt that's the role he's best cut out for."
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"[Pirates GM] Dave [Littlefield] does a real nice job of getting these kids some experience so that when they get called to the big leagues, it's not their first time. That's a good plan."
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"Not right now. I don't think anybody's going to know who's the best player or players in the country until next year. Everybody has his own favorites, of course, but it might take until April until there's some kind of consensus."
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"You have a room full of about 60 college guys and you couldn't hear a sound. It was devastating for us,"
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"Competition creates better products, alliances create better companies."
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"Mike Johnston is a competitor. He's a guy that cares about his job. I have confidence that he's going to get back to the big leagues."
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"Jose Bautista needs at-bats. He's shown he has that power, that he can hit at Class AA, which was exactly the right level for him last year. If he does the same thing in Indianapolis this year, then he's earned the chance to be the everyday third baseman in Pittsburgh."
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"You just have to know something like that to have a good at-bat in that situation. Our purpose in doing this is to see where they are and adjust our teachings accordingly."
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"Certainly, the coaches deserve a lot of the credit because they've kept these guys going. In addition, the rest of the team has maintained the level of play that's necessary to be successful."
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"He was throwing the ball well with command of four pitches. He wasn't throwing with the velocity that we saw in college, but from a performance standpoint, he definitely was on the track we expected."
"We should be more used to the play. Last year, the younger kids got beat up. But this year, we should be tougher."
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"His fastball is above average in terms of life and velocity, he has a hard breaking ball and the changeup has become a solid third pitch. And when his command gets better and he's able to throw his pitches where he wants, he can be a really good all-around pitcher."
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"The National Human Capital Summit will feature some of the most provocative and insightful thought leaders in the industry, and will boast an audience of more than 1,000 senior-level human capital practitioners. With this sponsorship, we'll gain additional visibility at the event and augment the exposure provided by our executive presenters."
"Neil's coming along just fine. It won't be long before he's taking batting practice and catching."
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