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14 Doug Melvin quotes:

"Matt's ability to retire batters in tough situations makes him one of the premier setup relievers in baseball."
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"Maybe he's going to be better than that. Right now, he's got the ability. He wants to be a No. 1 starter. And that's the right attitude to have."
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"A lot of times, those guys like to test the (free-agent) market. He's at an age to get his best deal."
"I kind of rolled my eyes. We did need left-handers. It was a very low-risk situation. I knew Justin would work hard and he'd be honest with us. After all he has been through, I have a fondness for his character."
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"They carried their momentum and enthusiasm throughout the year. They never hit much of a slump. People ask about our club, and I say we're still going to have winning streaks and losing streaks that could happen at any time. The ideal thing is to just be consistent. They had good enough pitching where they never had long losing streaks."
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"We keep joking that we're going to sit in the front row when Canada plays USA and wave our little flags."
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"You want to see some consistency. Doug takes the ball and gives you a solid effort each time out."
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"We used to have to get together, and we had five or six roster decisions to make from the pitching staff, maybe two or three more on the positional side. And this year, I think we're a little more set with our team. There'll probably just be one or two decisions down the stretch. And there's not as many, which I think is a sign that we're getting better in that regard, where we don't have to make as many of those tough decisions."
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"As we get better, sometimes there are tough decisions. Everybody wants to be a part of a team that we feel is on the rise."
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"We did all the research, got the medical reports. Dr. (James) Andrews did the surgery. We were told there was a 5% chance that he wouldn't come back."
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"At this point, it looks like we're going to hearings with both players. We haven't made much progress with either of them."
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"I figured this probably would be our highest (payroll). It's an indication that we have more talent."
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"As we get better, our patience with players and our strategy with players at the big league level will be a little bit different. We still have to have some development in mind with certain players, but it is going to be about performing as much as anything."
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"I'm going into my fourth year, and we did require patience the first few years. We had to tell the fans that it wasn't going to be a one-year turnaround, or a two-year turnaround. It was going to take a couple years' time."
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