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"The level of state aid to education is always a hot button issue,"
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"I really enjoy being here. And it is a perfect tournament to build some confidence."
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"There's always pressure but playing in front of your home crowd could be almost overwhelming."
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"I'm not for raising the income tax rate, but I'm not for lowering it. If we were to lower it, it might just have the same effect as it would to shoot a cannon into a sinking ship."
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"I have had a lot of feedback about my remarks and 99.9 per cent of it makes me regret what I said,"
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Regret Quotes
"I support the Prescription Advantage program,"
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"A lot of people say we should revise the tax code to raise more revenue. Overall, I'm more moderate. We have to keep our revenue and expenditures in line with our growth. It is like a family check book. Our spending must be within our means. It sounds simple, but it is a philosophy that escapes many people at the State House."
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