John Goodman Quotes

4 John Goodman quotes:

"Stanford is like a member of our family."
Author: Goodman Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"The innovation is in the private sector. It's not merely that people want choice. We need creative solutions to problems, and you don't get that when you have a government monopoly."
Author: Goodman Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"When I was in high school playing against those guys I really didn't feel friendly towards them at all. I tried to make myself think I hated Unionville at the time, and there was definitely a lot of trash talking. You run into those guys all the time. It's pretty important to have those bragging rights so you can walk with your head a little higher. But now that I'm out of school and you see those guys there's no hate there. I have a lot of respect for them."
Author: Goodman Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Father of the Pride."
Author: Goodman Quotes Category: Pride Quotes

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