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Nick Saban Quotes

140 Nick Saban quotes:

"I am so happy for Ricky. He has played a great role for this team all year. He has been unselfish and has been a really good team guy."
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"Personally, I hate to release any of the guys. I feel like this is our team. These guys have been here. They've worked hard. They've all made a tremendous commitment and sacrifice to trying to make the team. I have a lot of respect for what they've tried to do and feel badly that every guy can't, maybe, realize his dreams."
"We try to prevent health problems from happening. We space practices out where you have two meals and two opportunities to get hydrated."
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"I think everybody makes mistakes. People do things that they regret."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"I thought it was a very disappointing first half for us, to make some of the mistakes we made and get in a hole. Obviously we need to improve our ability to play in the beginning of games."
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"[Capers] brings a wealth of knowledge and will be a valuable addition to our staff. I'm sure his contributions will help us continue to improve as a team."
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"Philosophically, I don't there's a lot of difference in terms of what we like to do. His knowledge of the league and being able to define things internally in the organization, so you have everybody on the same page, are probably his greatest assets. That and recognition of what people can do - the strength of players, coaches and people in the organization - and putting them in position where they can have success doing it."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"He did well, actually better than I thought he would. We did not want him to go the whole practice because we didn't want him to get in an overuse situation where he might fatigue that particular injury and have additional problems."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"At this point, I'm not ready to say that changing quarterbacks is going to solve all our problems, so that's where it's at."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Maybe we can create some problems and issues for teams by doing that."
"We just want to continue to be able to let them develop and progress. We're not disappointed in anybody. We're actually encouraged by our ability to throw the ball with consistency in the game by all the quarterbacks."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"We've obviously started our research in terms of what the options are going to be for us. One of the goals that we have is to develop the players we have so somebody can be a starter for our organization in the future, or to bring somebody to the organization that has the potential to be a future starter relative to our situation."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We all have a professional responsibility as clubs to live by the confidentiality rules, which are designed to protect players. However the information got out, I hope those people will take that responsibility and let us make any necessary changes. ... I'm going to be proactive in that effort."
"He did some straight-line running (Monday). He threw the ball some. He took some easy drops. So it's not like this guy is not at a point where he can't start doing some things. Now, I didn't see all that. I'm just going on what the trainer and the people doing the rehab with him did. But he was there early and stayed late and worked hard. We were pleased with what he did."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"against things we haven't seen and that we will see in the near future."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"One game a season doesn't make."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We all like winning. The fun of this is a job well done. The purpose of what we do is to have success. We focused a lot this year on the process of what you need to do to be successful. I think this team has bought into that and has a belief system that has been beneficial to how we've competed."
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"Football is football. When guys don't do things that are intentional to hurt somebody, which neither one of those things were, I think it's a little ridiculous. And it happens every week. It's not fair to the players."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We had a great first drive. We looked like a good football team. But we've got to do that with consistency."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We had a great first drive. We looked like a good football team, but we've got to do that with consistency. We just have to take advantage of field position when we get it."
Author: Saban Quotes Category: Football Quotes

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