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"They double-covered him a couple of times, actually, so it was the right choice not to throw it to him. But he's a guy we need to have involved in the offense."
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"(That) can only be brought about by a lot of conversation and getting to know someone. I don't know this particular player well enough to make that determination right now, but it's something we might be interested in in the future."
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"I haven't been pleased with the tackling on the perimeter of our defense for several weeks now. We are either going to get it out of the guys we have or we are going to get somebody who will do it, because that won't be tolerated."
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"I think everybody needs to understand that we're not really changing our offense and we're not changing our defense. We're going to keep things as consistent for our players as we can."
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"We have competition at safety and I think that's healthy and good, but I don't think that warrants any changes at this point."
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"It's been wonderful. I really do feel like this was coming home to play a game and it was exciting for me even though I didn't say it (earlier). It was exciting to be back in Tiger Stadium and I feel really great that our team did a nice job to make us proud of how they played."
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"It's kind of hard to get everybody ready to start."
"I'm getting too old to run (or) jog. We have fun. It's probably good for the staff that we get together and do something like that."
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"I tell my kids that a few times, too."
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"While we do this, from a player's perspective it would be advantageous if we got fan support."
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"This is an opportunity for each and every one of those guys to show what they can do."
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"When you have reached the pinnacle as a player of what you have always aspired for, what's your motivation? ... Some guys just work their tail off because they want to be good. It's important to them and their pride. Those guys have a better chance to succeed than the guy who did all of that to get here, and now all of a sudden the things that got him here don't seem to be important anymore."
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"I think he has the arm talent to do it. He can do it."
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"I think every guy's different when it comes to that. Some guys are very instinctive and very understanding and therefore don't need to see it on the field as much."
"The responsibility (Belichick) gave me with the Browns, well, I wouldn't be able to do what I do now if I hadn't had that kind of responsibility,"
"Just like in Scent of a Woman , you know, when the guy is up there and Al Pacino gives the speech to the headmaster -- give him a chance."
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"Sometimes when you press, you have high anxiety, and it affects the way you perform."
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"It's most important that we use caution right now, in terms of trying to keep some of our better players and more experienced players that have impact and leadership ready for the season,"
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"A lot of people want to know why I want to come back to college football."
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"The thing they were most concerned about is that he had a commitment to come back and try to help the team be successful,"
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