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11 Levance Fields quotes:

"It just boosts my confidence to know I can do what I have to do to go out there and help my team out."
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"We're getting better, but our defense the last couple of games hasn't been there. Teams have been scoring on us. We've got three more games to get it right before the Big East Tournament -- three important games -- so, hopefully, we can get it started now."
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"Chris liked how they treated him in his two years here. That made my choice easy."
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"It's just another game, but it's not just another game. (Because) now if we lose, we're out. We just have to play our games and play hard and everything else will take care of itself."
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"They were ready for this game."
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"There are no easy games in this league. It's pretty even across the board."
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"Throw out all the seeds. Whoever plays the best is going to win. Watching the games today definitely gets the message through. I think last year, losing to Pacific, got the message through. Guys already know. It doesn't matter what the seed is, you have to go out and play hard."
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"We definitely had a chip on our shoulder, because we lost our last game at home. We wanted to come in and prove something."
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"That definitely hurt us with Levon, and especially Aaron, going out. Aaron never really got in a groove. We couldn't really establish the low post the way we wanted to."
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"We have good relationships. And that translates onto the court."
"I felt like a freshman coming into the season, but I don't feel that way anymore. We practice hard every day and I've become comfortable enough to know my role and run the team when I have to or do whatever I can to help us win."
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