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5 Shay Doron quotes:

"I was kind of hoping she would get back in there because I didn't want any excuses later."
Author: Doron Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes
"It was a leap of faith, but it was an educated leap. We looked at what Coach B had done turning around programs and who was coming in. My parents and my sister and I did a lot of research."
Author: Doron Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"It came down to Maryland, Harvard and Duke. Harvard for obvious reasons (it was her parents' first choice), Duke was a team that had not won a national title, but was already there (close to winning one). Maryland gave me a chance to do what nobody else in the country believed we could do. I like doing that, bursting people's expectations."
Author: Doron Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We heard them screaming at halftime like they'd already won. I told the girls, 'If you walk out on this court, you better believe we're winning. Otherwise, don't walk out on the court."
Author: Doron Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"I heard a long time ago that it's real bad luck for shooters when you stare at their shoes, so I stared at them long and hard."
Author: Doron Quotes Category: Luck Quotes

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