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"If they get a technocrat and a skilled professional in the job as minister of justice and attorney general, we could see some real movement that's been lacking over the last several years."
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"(But) to allow these men to return to society as if one of the worst massacres of the 20th century never took place -- that's unthinkable."
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"She's high energy and incorporates a lot of good moves into this class. Someone who does not dance can do it. ... Because the lights are low, it also keeps it from being intimidating."
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"Laskar Jundullah has also been accused of providing arms in Poso. It's a breakdown of law and order. And I think the fact that you've got a large unaccountable militia should be of concern not only to the Indonesian government but of deep concern to governments outside as well."
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"I would say theres a lot more cooperation with Abu Sayyaf than there was a few years ago."
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"The police and prosecution really want to see these charges stick,"
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"If you look at the last three years, the pattern of arrests by the police and the way they've been able to go after the network has been pretty good. You can't say that the work hasn't been effective."
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"The police is a very important institution for the democratization of Indonesian society. Unless the police is firmly put in front in charge of internal security, this country is going to go backwards."
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