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David Dreier Quotes

8 David Dreier quotes:

"A candidate for Congress who would be out knocking on doors, meeting with supporters, talking about issues, debating his or her opponent would come back to the headquarters and they would say, 'This guy, Tom DeLay, just sent home-baked cookies from Texas."
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"This bill that we are unveiling will replace the adversarial blame game with the kind of private sector cooperation that will get this problem solved in the best tradition of American ingenuity."
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"We're increasingly confident, but we do not have the commitments yet,"
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"We should pursue all avenues of research, ... There is bipartisan commitment on this issue."
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"We want the Y2K problem to be the last crisis of the 20th century and not the first crisis of the 21st century."
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We are going to win tomorrow. I am convinced we are on track for victory,"
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"It seems to me that we are at a point where we have no choice other than to ensure these parents, who are desperately seeking an opportunity to care for their daughter, have a chance to be heard in federal court."
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"To assume that his entire tax package is going to be passed through both houses of Congress without modification would be inaccurate."
Author: Dreier Quotes Category: Congress Quotes

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