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"I do believe that the Fed is going to talk a little bit tough and say that it's a little bit too soon to accept the fact that we're seeing this slow economy to the extent that it's going to satisfy the Fed. And I believe that is what is going to keep the market in check. And it's another situation the Fed wants to try to control. They do want to keep this market in check. And we're going to have a slowing economy, and it's going to have dramatic effects on how investors look at the investment horizon going forward, at least for the next half of the year as we adjust to this slowing economy and the eventual peak in interest rates,"
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"Based upon how we've seen retail stocks perform, any continued low (consumer confidence) number puts a crimp in the Christmas spending story,"
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"This is more of a short-term perspective and I don't see any commitment by institutions. But a diversified portfolio is doing well here."
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"Anything that shows the economy is slowing will be taken very well by the market. But the Fed is still out there and I don't think we should get used to the (idea) the Fed going to stop (raising rates) in June."
"The intermediate background look in terms of interest rates peaking and the economy slowing to a more sustainable pace without any undue harm is slowly going to play itself out. I would be very shocked if the GDP came in anywhere higher than estimates because Wall Street is already expressing its confidence that the economy is slowing down."
"Is it a slow-growth economy?"
"The productivity number is key toward determining whether the economy can show some stabilization. We've seen weakening numbers, which hasn't helped, but there is no inflation story to talk about here."
"We like stocks in oil and drilling. Energy does well in an inflationary period. So we want to have some exposure to energy,"
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"It's a consumer company that sells personal care items, ... At 11 times earnings, I think it is too cheap to be ignored. I think it is a $15 stock."
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"It's going to be another confidence building story the closer we get to the Fed meeting. I believe that the unemployment rate and the NAPM numbers will be the key numbers."
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"All eyes will be turned to the Fed. The market will be driven in and around the Fed meeting ? it could be a sell on the story because 50 basis points (a half-percentage point) is already built into the market."
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"You continue to have investors weighing strong earnings -- in this case Yahoo! and Intel -- versus the fear of inflation again."
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"The stocks that are up today are euro-based. Let's hope we can make the case that the euro problem is closer to (being) resolved than before and that's a good sign today. Whatever overhanging concerns can be relieved will help the market."
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"It is a market looking at the future."
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"The CPI will still have an influence on the Fed meeting. You are in a bear market in technology stocks and you'll have to accept that. You're not going to get anything significant until the second half of the year."
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"The market has created this wealth effect because there have been a lot of gains over the past two or three years, ... That has provided the ability for consumers to increase spending on regular goods and luxury goods."
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"You have the correct sectors continuing to lead, which are technology and financials. The Michigan numbers were good today, and oil prices are down,"
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"What I like about today is that all of the main S&P sectors are higher, which shows broad strength for the market. And the consumer confidence number suggests optimism about the start of 2005."
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"The ability of Intel to come out and say a 'no worse than expected' story pleased the market. There are many other corporations in technology that are in that position so that if the slowdown is just a slowdown, there's good upside in many of those issues."
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"You would hope that the strong earnings would support the market and give it the ability to react positively. But I think the case for that has been diminished lately."
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