Robert Pitofsky Quotes

4 Robert Pitofsky quotes:

"This order is intended to ensure that this new medium, characterized by openness, diversity and freedom, will not be closed down as a result of this merger."
Author: Pitofsky Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We have not given up on self-regulation, ... If it does not work out, we believe Congress should seriously consider legislation."
Author: Pitofsky Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"This settlement would preserve competition and protect consumers from higher cable service prices and reduced programming choices by ensuring that competing cable operators, new technologies and future programmers can gain access to Time Warner-Turner's customers and programming,"
Author: Pitofsky Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"I don't want the Federal Trade Commission to be the thought police, ... I don't want a bureaucrat like me influencing the content of these materials. But, rather, we need to influence the way these materials are marketed."
Author: Pitofsky Quotes Category: Police Quotes

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