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"The declining impact of education on our adult population was the biggest surprise for us, and we just don't have a good explanation. It may be that institutions have not yet figured out how to teach a whole generation of students who learned to read on the computer and who watch more TV. It's a different kind of literacy."
"The Hispanic scores were somewhat understandable based on the changing demographics. Diversity may lead to more difficulties in education."
"There is a danger of Morales becoming more closely tied to both Chavez and Castro. The danger is there, but it's not inevitable."
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"It's not impossible to hold free and fair elections, but it's going to be very dicey."
"Elections are clearly not the whole solution. But you can't get a legitimate government that can begin to deal with Haiti's problems and build something out of this failed state without them."
"Major problems remain in ensuring credible elections. If they're not resolved, the next government's legitimacy will be in question."
"You could argue that putting it near the convention center and the two major hotels down there, and the environment of the Strip, would make sense. I don't think that's an idle thought."
"I am surprised, honored and humbled to enter the Wall of Fame."
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"You can't govern in Haiti alone. You need sufficient cooperation from the losers so that parliament can function and the government can deal with the fundamental problems that makes Haiti the last on every list of human security issues in the hemisphere."
"This, of course, leads to all kinds of questions about the extent to which choices will increase stratification and gentrification, ... Choosing Schools."
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"Preval has to turn history upside down in Haiti."
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"At this point the entire transition is at risk. Drug traffickers don't want a functioning, effective government with a functioning, effective police force and customs. They have their hooks in the police, and they have their hooks in parts of the transitional government."
"I think these results are really unexpected. I think it is a wake-up call to the research and university community."
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"This decrease calls out for more research."
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"We're trying to keep the doors open here, ... Everybody's been promised this money, but we need it to operate."
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"Anything that says that you've got new money coming in, I think, is a good sign, maybe something that would attract a gaming partner that would make them more competitive."
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"Once this is adopted, it would be difficult for the Security Council to turn the other way and to once again close its eyes to flagrant atrocities. We expect this to bring with it early warning systems, so we can prevent a conflict from reaching the point where there would have to be armed intervention."
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"I've worked in several large companies (e.g., SRI, McGraw-Hill, the United States Postal Service) and never seen anything like it. You couldn't get anything done without filling out a form. There was even a form that you had to fill out when there wasn't any regular form available."
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"Even with all the problems, nobody here is saying they want them to leave -- on the left, right, or center. They are needed here not for one year, or two years, but for the next 10 years."
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"Many voters came very early, and some of the centers, particularly the big ones, were overwhelmed. But the patience of the Haitian people is formidable. And the will of the people to vote is truly impressive."
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