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4 Lesa Cagle quotes:

"Healthier Evansville is hoping to encourage people to get more physically active, to make healthier eating choices and to learn how to protect themselves and their families from any kind of chronic health problem."
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"We all want a long life but we all want a long life that's healthy, and sometimes family support can help. When you have families, you want them to have better health than you do, and you want to set a good example for your children."
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"Part of it is a Midwest philosophy. It's a Midwest lifestyle, where the types of foods that we eat in the Midwest tend to be a higher calorie, higher fat diet."
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"We know we need to eat healthier. We know we need to exercise more, but how do we do that? I think when people think about health, they want to have more energy. When you see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, sometimes that can be motivating."
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