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Marine Pace Quotes

5 Marine Pace quotes:

"The Air Force works with a lot of guardsmen and reservists blended into their units. So as they look at it, a four-month rotation works very well."
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"It boils down to the way that each service employs its force, and how best then to assure that they get the most out of the people they have."
Author: Pace Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"When they wake up this Christmas Day, and they're away from home, they also can take enormous pride in being part of a really historical year."
Author: Pace Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"We expect our leaders to lead by example, but we do not expect them to give up their individual rights."
Author: Pace Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"It's because of you that Iraqis are experiencing freedom for the first time. And once they taste that freedom they won't want to let it go."
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