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12 Dave Hakstol quotes:

"The second half of their season, they've been as good as anybody. We fought hard to get home-ice advantage. Now we have to take advantage of it."
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"We've got some guys back there who can bring some offensive ability and make some offensive plays. That's part of being a good offensive team. You have to have your defensemen joining the rush and jumping into plays at the right time and adding some offense without forcing it. That's something young guys grow into."
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"Those are things we'll turn to next week. We've got an awful lot of ability, an awful lot of character in our locker room that will be returning. And the one thing that sticks out in my mind is we have some unfinished business."
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"They should be offensive leaders for us and throughout the country."
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"At the beginning of the year, one of the things we talked about was how we needed to gain some experience. There's only one way to do that. That's to go through the wear and tear of a season. We have gotten a little bit better. Our consistency has gotten a little bit better and that doesn't end. We want to keep getting a little bit better. Hopefully we have a few weeks left to do that."
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"You've got four very competitive regions. It's a great sign for where college hockey is at. All 16 teams are competitive."
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"He's a dynamic force for us right now offensively."
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"There's no halfway at this time of year. We've been pretty cautious over the past week. Drew has been skating for over a week now. With a situation like that, we're not going to rush anybody back. Certainly, that was the case with Drew."
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"Guys that have got it done in the past, they know how to elevate their game at the right time. There is a connection there. Guys have that attitude and expectation of themselves to win."
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"No. 1, we knew we didn't come out of the dressing room Friday night the way we needed to. We didn't match Mankato's intensity Friday. I thought we did that tonight."
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"I think he stuck with it and has continued to work extremely hard, and now we're starting to see some of the results for Jonathan coming on the ice. He's a guy that does an awful lot for us. ... He's really starting to come on and be a dynamic force for us offensively."
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"We fought real hard to get this opportunity, but we're certainly not happy just getting there."

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