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Doug Johnson Quotes

7 Doug Johnson quotes:

"We're proud of Michelle. We're grateful to be able to participate in such a wonderful honor . . . It's a big deal, and what's really wonderful about it is that it's a person of Michelle's caliber that will be representing us."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"We just didn't give up. We came back and played with a great deal of passion and a great deal of heart."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"Playing four games in a row after Christmas is not ideal, but that's what we have and you've got to battle through it. We've played Bozeman hard. Hopefully (tonight) they'll have a little holiday hangover and we can capitalize."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"Look for companies with limited debt that can benefit from devalued currencies, ... I won't deny (good bargains) exist. But it may be two or three years before investors see substantial or meaningful returns, if even then."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"That was the huge mistake for us. That hurt. We had them ready to turn the ball over again and instead we gave them a breath of fresh air."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"[Data regarding how many states will cut education spending is not available yet, but] remember, ... in times like these where relief doesn't look like it will come soon, once something is cut from the budget, you can't cut it again the next year."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"We knew they were going to wheel it over in his direction. We were yelling at him from the sidelines to watch out for the ball. But I don't know that he needed us to tell him that. He knew it was coming and just jumped in front of the receiver."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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