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"I used to really worry about it. I used to fight it, and it used to make me mad and now I understand sometimes when you win one, you get too much credit and therefore when you lose one, you get too much criticism. I understand we're probably OK until next Saturday ... and then it probably will be I just can't win any one of them again, but that's all right."
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"Look at what he has accomplished at the highest level of college football. He's 27 hours away from graduation. He has done everything right on and off the field. He's got character. He's got intelligence. He's got a burning desire to succeed. He has a great heart. He competes as hard as anybody I've ever been around. There's no downside. If he stays healthy, he'll be one of the great ones to ever play."
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"He's one of the great players to play college football."
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"What a fun week for us, for Ohio State and for college football, ... It is unusual anymore to have matchups like this out of conference. I am proud that we are going to a place that cares about football like we do and that has the storied history that we do."
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"A guy has adversity and picks himself up and fights through it,"
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"I think it sent the message, ... that this team was going to play with confidence and be aggressive the rest of the day."
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"Who ever knows what a No.1 recruiting class is? They should be rated after four years, after we've seen what they've done."
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"Usually the coach of the year is the guy that overcame something. We didn't overcome anything. We just won a big game at the end and we hadn't been doing that. For Joe to do what he's done over the last few years and turn his program completely around is really, really special. I don't think there's any question he's deserving of this award."
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"I like Pete, so that makes this week easier. If you don't like the other coach, it's a longer week."
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"Right there I told the defense, 'You stop this play and we're going to win the national championship."
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"[Texas coach Mack Brown doesn't seem to share Tressel's and Castiglione's enthusiasm for such matchups. In a conference call with reporters earlier this week, Brown intimated the 'Horns, who scheduled the Ohio State series roughly a decade ago when the program was struggling financially and competitively, might not have made the same choice under the present circumstances.] At places like ours, we're going to fill up our stadium regardless of who we're playing, ... so we'd actually make more money playing another game at home, getting our guys ready for our conference schedule. So I don't see this continuing [beyond next year's game in Austin]."
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"Honestly, these two programs probably get as much attention as any in America."
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"It's not about the music, it's about what they care about, ... They say old people get off the fashion train. I needed to get back in touch with our team."
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"The highlight of our history was running the ball."
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"The (BCS has) got to hope there's not more than two undefeated teams at the end or they've (messed) up again, very honestly. That's what they've got to hope."
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"If you win the national title will it be the greatest thing that's ever happened in your life? No. I asked Bobby Bowden once, and he said the second national championship's a lot tougher than the first one, so don't get excited about it."
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"I've never seen an athletic performance from a quarterback like Vince Young did tonight."
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"We told them at the end of practice that you work 352 days for 13 Saturdays. This is their first chance to be seen as this football team. It's an exciting time."
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"We couldn't make a first down running the ball. They were tough and got after our tail. They'll bring an excited bunch in here. I'm sure they'll want to get away from the distractions of the family issues with the flood, and they have nothing to lose."
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"Those guys have really come on and improved. You don't know how they will respond Saturday night, but we will see it when you see it."
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