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"What we're going to do is enjoy this run right now. We'll be in spring practice Feb. 24 and get ready to start over because next year's team hasn't won a game."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Plan on being behind. Plan on getting yourself in trouble."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"We weren't real proud of our run defense. We'll try to stop the run first (against Baylor). If you can't stop the run, you've got problems."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"At times we didn't even play that good. But we played hard, and we played with confidence."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"Coach (Darrell) Royal said guys like him are quick as a puff of smoke."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"This is a great game for college football. It's a game that every college football fan will watch."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: College Quotes
"If you've got two beautiful girls, I don't think you have to pick. If there are two beautiful girls, I don't think I'm going to say, 'Her hair's a little shorter' or 'Her hair's a different color'. These are two great offenses. It's hard to score to 50 points. How many times in the history of college football have two teams averaging 50 points played against each other at the end of the year?"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"I think when I get through and I'm gumming my food, it will mean a lot ... As far as today, it would give these kids, these coaches and this university something we haven't done since we've been here. Secondly, it gives you a chance to play for a national championship and that doesn't happen many times in peoples' lives, if ever."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I'm proud of these kids. I'm proud of these coaches. High school football in Texas is unbelievable."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"When you're a football player at the University of Texas and you're playing in the national championship game the players understand the scrutiny is going to be a little more than usual. I think we'll handle it."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"It was very emotional for me. Football will miss Bill Snyder. More than that, the kids of Kansas State will miss him. He'll be in the Hall of Fame. Nobody will ever do for a school in football, in my estimation, what he's done for Kansas State."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"It was a great football game. It's surreal sitting there in the fourth quarter and you're down by two scores and you still think you're going to win. But we never, ever thought we would lose the ballgame."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"What I needed to do was a little better job staying up with their times, not just my times. It's made a difference in my happiness and enjoying them more."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"The turnovers killed us. You can't make mistakes like that and expect to win."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"This is one night we can hook 'em and hold down the little finger, because we're No. 1."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"Vince's performance was the best today that I've ever seen him."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We'll have the inexperience at quarterback, but we think the talent is there."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"I don't think you ever silence critics. They'll be critics in the morning. That's part of the deal."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Silence Quotes
"It's important in recruiting. A lot of these young people and their parents have a dream to play in the NFL. To some families, it's not that important, but I would say very few players who go to Texas or Ohio State don't have that dream."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"A year and a half ago, there were people who questioned whether Vince Young could be a major college quarterback."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: College Quotes

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