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"Our friendship has come out of respect. Gary's honest, and his program goes by the rules. I know those kids are disciplined, and we've got a lot of people on my staff who have been around the Colorado program that assured me of those things early. I've been able to see those things first-hand by being around Gary more."
"We think he's 100 percent with his health. He's gotten his vision back. He's bigger and stronger. (But) he hasn't done it since Arkansas last year, and it was a bad experience."
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"We feel like we still have David Pino and Greg Johnson, who are quality kickers and punters and can step up and help [McGee], ... Richmond is a fifth-year senior, he is older, and he has not had any trouble in two-a-days."
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"Plan on being behind. Plan on getting yourself in trouble."
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"The trust that I gained is the way he competes when we're in trouble,"
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"Selvin is 100 percent, ... He's gotten his speed back. He's gotten his vision back. He's bigger and strong, and he's definitely ready to go."
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"This is one night we can hook 'em and hold down the little finger, because we're No. 1."
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"Everybody's got scholarships and everybody's got good players. If it's a night where it's not working well, you better hang on and you better make some plays,"
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"We don't have to be the best team of all time, just tomorrow night."
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"[Young passed for three touchdowns, ran for another and Jamaal Charles set a Texas freshman debut record Saturday night with 135 yards rushing for the Longhorns, who travels to No. 6 Ohio State next weekend.] It will be a fun game for college football, ... The buildup started in early spring."
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"Those guys have really come on and improved. You don't know how they will respond Saturday night, but we will see it when you see it."
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"We couldn't make a first down running the ball. They were tough and got after our tail. They'll bring an excited bunch in here. I'm sure they'll want to get away from the distractions of the family issues with the flood, and they have nothing to lose."
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"We're running the ball perfect, 300-some yards a week."
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"His best asset is to make plays with his feet, ... When he starts running, and everybody comes up, that's when he stops and throws."
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"The turnovers killed us. You can't make mistakes like that and expect to win."
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"I have never been around a guy who has a better memory. Gil remembers everything."
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"It's a group that fits our needs from top to bottom. We signed young men who can play a lot of different positions, and the class gives us added strength in just about every position on the field."
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"He (Snead) has been throwing already with the other guys. They have been very impressed with his arm strength. He and Colt should have a great grasp of what's going on in the spring. Our job is to get both these guys ready to play."
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"We'll have the inexperience at quarterback, but we think the talent is there."
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"Don't let this be the best thing that ever happens in your life. Maybe it'll be the best sports event, but don't let it be the best thing. Make sure you're a better father than this today. Make sure you're a better husband than this today. Because this goes away. ... It's a game."
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