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"What a fun week for us, for Ohio State and for college football. It is unusual any more to have matchups like this out of conference. I am proud that we are going to a place that cares about football like we do and that has the storied history that we do."
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"That has to be as good a college football game as there could be. Texas and Michigan should come down to the last two seconds."
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"I think he will be, ... one of the great quarterbacks to ever play college football before he leaves Texas."
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"The message is we are one of the top two teams in the country. We won by 62, and that's without running it up. We have to enjoy this ride, enjoy this moment."
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"Hopefully that will be a play-changing experience for him. He is a guy with so much pride, he puts as much pressure on himself as I've ever seen. That's why it was such a great play."
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"I knew about Texas from being around coaches in my family, but I didn't realize it was such a national place until I got here. When you say something at Texas, it's talked about nationally, not just in your neighborhood."
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"We think he's 100 percent with his health. He's gotten his vision back. He's bigger and stronger. (But) he hasn't done it since Arkansas last year, and it was a bad experience."
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"It's been a fun year so far. We just want to keep it going. One thing I've learned at Texas, we've been playing football for 112 years and there were expectations 112 years ago. It hasn't changed."
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"That says a lot about the history of the two schools and the games. People have told me that the two schools are very similar. They are two of the biggest state institutions in the country, both very good academic schools and are in the capital (cities). We each have a lot of fans and a lot of talk and publicity about football. (Football) is really important at both places."
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"I have never been around a guy who has a better memory. Gil remembers everything."
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"It's a group that fits our needs from top to bottom. We signed young men who can play a lot of different positions, and the class gives us added strength in just about every position on the field."
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"[Young passed for three touchdowns, ran for another and Jamaal Charles set a Texas freshman debut record Saturday night with 135 yards rushing for the Longhorns, who travels to No. 6 Ohio State next weekend.] It will be a fun game for college football, ... The buildup started in early spring."
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"With Selvin hurt, you have to credit Jamaal, ... He did a great job of running, receiving and protecting."
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"We love Vince and appreciate all the great things he's done for the University of Texas on and off the field. We'll miss him, but want him to do as well in the NFL as he did in college."
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"I was not surprised that he was disappointed. I thought people were really foolish to think a person at 21 years old wouldn't be disappointed if he was standing up there and someone announced he didn't win the Heisman."
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"Vince's performance was the best today that I've ever seen him,"
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"It has been a very good week of practice ... the most focused I've seen them because they can't wait until Saturday. They know it is going to be a great test."
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"We're running the ball perfect, 300-some yards a week."
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"They miss the spring sports in their senior year and they miss being the stud walking around the hallways, as compared to being a rookie again. We feel it's something they have to buy in to. They have to want to do it. If we encourage it and they miss their senior prom and their football banquet, then it just doesn't work out."
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"I don't think we'll ever answer all the critics in sports,"
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