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Marianne Bretschneider Quotes

10 Marianne Bretschneider quotes:

"We need to keep working in practice. At the beginning of the year my singles didn't click and now my doubles don't click. I thought that No. 1 [doubles] did OK. I don't know if they put too much pressure on themselves or if I put too much pressure on them, but it is just not coming together right now."
"You can tell the difference from now and when we played Freedom in our first match. I think we still could have done better."
"I have kids who want to stick with it and really enjoy the sport, which helps."
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"Brittany, who is playing in her first match, has shown a lot of heart, losing a set and then coming back."
"We've talked about it in the past. We've had some girls who are up 6-0 and then the next thing you know it's 7-5. Now they're starting to really put it together."
"In the past I've always gotten frustrated because I've seen other teams step up during the season. I knew yesterday this wasn't the same team that played Battlefield at the start of the season. They had played much better than they have in the past."
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"It's just getting them to play this strong in back-to-back games."
"I have a very hard working group of girls and as much as they complain to me about it they really are getting in shape and it is helping and I want them to have the endurance to play a three-set match."
"Today they played to their ability. They stepped up. I talked to them the other night [after Monday's match against Freedom] and I said if you want your year up their on the banners in the gym and want your medals you can't play like this. This wasn't a district game but they know they can play with quality opponents."
"I think they were rattled a little bit at the beginning. They were thrown off their game a little bit, but they showed a lot of intensity, intestinal fortitude."

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