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12 John Flaherty quotes:

"I think he's a perfect blend of old-school work ethic and new age with the computers and stats."
"With him, it was never a question of ability, it was whether he could get it over the plate."
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"Obviously, the stuff is better. I think the aggressiveness out on the mound is a little bit different. And I think, in terms of game day, you can see the intensity in his eyes. He really understands where he's at with these games down the stretch."
"He controlled his emotions. I'd like to see him get a little more excited out there, but I think he was guarded after what happened the last start in Toronto, and that's only natural."
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"It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement. Thank you to all of my teammates, coaches, managers and fans for making the ride so much fun."
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"We want Randy to show some emotion out there, so when he does it, you like him to channel it in the right way. Unfortunately, tonight it was directed towards the umpire."
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"Mariano tried to go in on him, which is the book: try and tie him up inside. But he got us again."
"There may be some blame on both sides. Randy may have stepped over the line, and Fieldin may have gotten carried away too quickly. But when you see the umpire take off his mask, you know you have to be careful."
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"He's a very detail-oriented guy. For this job, he's got a great combination of old-school work ethic - knowing how to put the time in - and the new generation that uses computers and video to get as much information as possible."
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"[Johnson did not stick around after the game to discuss what happened, but catcher John Flaherty said the two men were jawing throughout much of the first two innings.] In the first inning they went back and forth and Fieldin told him, to his credit, that he had had enough, and to calm it down, ... When Randy gets excited, he says a lot to the umpires about pitches he thinks are strikes. It's nothing new."
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"You'd think you were taking good swings off him, but his ball had a little extra life on it, and you'd foul it off. He steps up on the big stage, and he did it today."
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"I think it's a tremendous service, particularly the online access to minutes. I think it's a tremendous increase in the public access to state agencies."
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