Jeff Hall Quotes

5 Jeff Hall quotes:

"I didn't have a group to help me through my divorce. It's very important to reach out and help people who are hurting. It makes a huge difference in their lives."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Divorce Quotes
"It's basically going to be a thrill center. It's going to be a high-intensity, high-energy, adrenaline-type of facility."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The operating risks are all on the operating company."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"They continued to put the ball in play and put pressure on the defense."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"What it seems we're seeing is the aftermath of a lot of different circumstances converging last year. If that's the case, then there isn't too much to worry about. If it's a situation where people are turned off lower-grade debt for good, then we have a lot more to consider."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes

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