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"By applying financial discipline, our second quarter financial results demonstrate our ability to maintain the balance between containing expenses and developing innovative revenue streams."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Will licensing bodies work in a free market environment to license responsible technologies? ... Or will they use this opportunity to squeeze competitors and consumers?"
"We're going to turn our technology, My.MP3.com, on hopefully in November with all of the record labels content,"
"This is an industry in its infancy. This is still primarily a technology pursuit and not about building a brand."
"Security hurts more than it helps."
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"The data can be used as a real service to the customer."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"VOIP has been all about free PC-to-PC calls. Area775 is the first service that links VOIP to the traditional phone world and gives users unprecedented power to manage their voice communications by screening and answering calls on any SIP device, computer or regular phone, as well as transferring calls between their devices."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Service Quotes

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