Ken Khachigian Quotes

5 Ken Khachigian quotes:

"The point here is to move forward, to get the debate moving from fault and blame to solutions."
Author: Khachigian Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"One of the worst enemies in such situations is overreaction and even panic. Nixon once advised that when circumstances are the hottest is when leaders must be the coolest."
"What happens in January isn't going to have much influence on what happens in November."
"My feeling is, life moves on. If there's a staff replacement needed, you replace the staff. He's still the president, and he has a lot of ability to change course and move away from the problem."
Author: Khachigian Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"They've got to convince voters it has to do with making a better state, making a better life for them and repairing the state, repairing the state's governance in a way that ultimately benefits its citizens."
Author: Khachigian Quotes Category: Life Quotes

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