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Brian Kerr Quotes

9 Brian Kerr quotes:

"Every time that some papers get the opportunity they go for a bust-up story between Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane even though there may be no truth in it. In relation to this story, there is no truth whatsoever that I had a bust-up with Roy or any of the other players."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"I just have to wait and see what comes about but I definitely want to work. I don't know where that's going to be."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I don`t think any of the previous matches will have any influence,"
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"To get through in tournaments you generally have to get points in your home games,"
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"The team gave as good as they can. It was a very committed and organised performance. But it was not enough."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Three of the top four teams are completely in control of their own destiny,"
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"I don't see myself working in Ireland again but I see myself in football,"
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"I would like him to be playing regularly in the Celtic team. Aiden's got fantastic ability, but he needs to get the strength to play international football."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"I believe that sport is a catalyst in terms of heightening awareness to social issues. Sport always gave me the opportunity to meet people who were not the same as me. I have always been positive towards this and education is central to all of this. Sport can help in that regard."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes

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