David Cobb Quotes

4 David Cobb quotes:

"But the industry has to have a healthy economic environment, and if that environment is not there, an aggressive consumer advocate could mess up the marketplace something horrible."
Author: Cobb Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It needs a facelift to have it be a Class A type building."
Author: Cobb Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Hunters for the Hungry gives our hunters a place to donate harvested white-tailed deer, ... This helps in the management of our white-tailed deer resource across the state."
Author: Cobb Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I think that the Green Party should run a woman for president in 2008. Under the right circumstances, I'd be happy to be the Vice Presidential candidate of the right Green woman because the Greens take gender equality seriously."
Author: Cobb Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes

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