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Mark Shapiro Quotes

87 Mark Shapiro quotes:

"We've got to get him more work. He's another switch-hitter and a solid receiver. It wouldn't be the worst thing for Josh to play more."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We're actually in discussions with two other players. We still have three weeks to work on that."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We can't worry about the other teams. I still think we have one of the three or four best lineups in the American League."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"At that point in my career, I didn't have an appreciation how difficult the transition is for young players to the big leagues. It's fortunate that everything's kind of broken right, that we've lived up to expectations. But that was a lofty expectation to place on the public here - no one's allowed me to forget that I gave that."
"This club has the ability to have a better record than they have. This club has a chance to win a lot of games over the next two months and make it very interesting."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"We're interested and we're waiting for a proposal from Major League Baseball. It's not going to generate the kind of excitement that World Cup soccer does, given the history and the equity just isn't there yet. But at least for this country, anything with the America's pastime and the American flag is sure to be a winning combination."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"When healthy, he's been one of the most effective relievers in baseball."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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