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"With authority, we can say they came from those countries,"
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"These spikes of violence are predictable around certain critical events that highlight the progress of democracy,"
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We're convinced we're going to fight our way to the elections,"
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"He still has the capability of recruiting suicide bombers, training them, and giving them munitions,"
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We have killed or captured 500 members of the insurgency in Tal Afar. Our intelligence estimates told us that the number of insurgents in that town probably was somewhere between 500 and 600. So if some got away, it wasn't very many."
"Right now, actively involved in operations in Tal Afar is the Third Iraqi Army Division, ... We now have sufficient assets available, between the coalition forces and Iraqi security forces, to leave behind a robust security presence so that the insurgents cannot return and that is indeed part of the plan."
"Our operations are focused on reestablishing Iraqi control of the border, ... We will continue this mission for as long as it takes... and leave a sizable and credible force to deter the terrorists."
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"They've shifted their sight group — their target — to the Iraqi civilians and the Iraqi security force and away from the coalition."
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Hopefully, that's in the near future."
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"In preparation for potential operations, we're working to evacuate civilians and non-combatants from Tal Afar,"
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"The absence of an effective national unity government is creating the conditions for the insurgency to do what it wants to do."
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Absence Quotes

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