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Joseph Lowery Quotes

6 Joseph Lowery quotes:

"I woke up early this morning with Coretta and Rosa on my heart. And I grabbed a piece of paper and I wrote what a great family reunion is going on ... now they're together, Martin and Coretta, after nearly 40 years apart. What a family reunion. It warmed my heart."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"What was not on the national radar screen has exploded onto television screens, ... We know now that the faces of poverty are black and brown, painful and anguished. Let this nation rise up to eliminate poverty and the faces of poverty vanish from the American scene."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"We knew then that history was being made."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Rosa Parks was known as the queen mother of the movement. She sat down so that her people could stand up,"
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"would do a lot for his soul and his salvation."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"He missed an opportunity to name somebody to the courts with the spirit of Rosa Parks, with diversity and minority rights."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes

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