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8 Brian Belski quotes:

"The positive consumer confidence could have been a negative."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"We also like health-care firm Baxter International as well, ... It's trading at 17 times 2003 numbers. It's quickly becoming an attractive stock after recent pullbacks."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"The market and the economy are still on track. Earnings continue to be pretty strong and valuations remain at pretty reasonable levels."
"We believe we're in a renewed growth cycle that could last three-to-five years. If you're waiting to jump in, you're going to miss the boat."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"I think the market is scared by uncertainty and that's what this election is giving us. And the most uncertain sector fundamentally is technology."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"They are still kind of waiting to see the unwinding process that's going to come out of this."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"What we really need to do is see some solidification. A lot of people are sitting on their hands and people are not willing to step up to the plate just yet,"
Author: Belski Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Yes, the market is taking somewhat of a rest, but there's evidence that the believability factor is increasing. Overall, investors are starting to believe the market can and will remain in good standing coming off of one of the best quarters we've seen in a while."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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