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"We have our strengths and we have our weaknesses. Auburn took advantage."
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"Teams are playing on passion and emotion and they really turn up their focus. That's what makes (for) such great games when you get to the SEC Tournament."
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"We want to hopefully go back and correct some of the mistakes and make some adjustments to the things we did the first time that we played them and make it a good game on Sunday."
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"I take full responsibility for that. The amount of legs that we used in the Mississippi State game and maybe pressing as hard as we did coming out against Kentucky ... I don't think we had the energy."
"We corrected a big no-no from the Georgia game in taking care of the basketball."
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"I've got four senior starters who remember playing against New Mexico and know it's going to take disciplined basketball to beat them, but I don't really have any one star who will take over that game."
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"My players gave me a great birthday."
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"It's something our seniors will remember forever. But I hope also it's something our underclassmen can take and understand the hard work and dedication it took our seniors to get to where they are so they put that same amount of work in for years to come."
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"I don't know any other way I would have rather spent my birthday. These kids are really special."
"We continue to learn that lesson. In order to win in the SEC, you've got to control the boards."
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"They're going to be highly remembered, probably the most remembered, because it's really the first class that's been through with me in coaching for four solid years. When you look at where they've started and where they've come, I'm proud of them."
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"I had no doubt she would be successful."
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"Our players knew we wouldn't have a home game, and at this level you have to be ready to travel and win on the road."
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"You've got to play to stay. Starting in the tournament, you've got to set your goals and refocus."
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"I think we've finally figured out how to play 40 minutes of great basketball."
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"I think she's a ball player. She does a good job of using her body to get positions. She also sees the floor very well, and I think she's one of our better passers in the post position."
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"I have to compliment my team because they kept their composure when our outside shots weren't falling. They did what they needed to do to get the win. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to go back to the hotel tonight and prepare for Kentucky and not have to pack our bags."
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"They understand the focus, and I think that focus is something you can only learn through experience. It's about March magic and the players who have that belief are going to be on the teams that advance."
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"You are always happy to take the 'W' any way you can get it. The one thing that I like about this team is that they do a good job of fighting back. The one thing that I don't like about this team is that they find themselves in a position to where they have to fight back."
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"She took our last loss very hard. But her numbers did not project the heart she played with. She knows that she's going to do better."
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