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John Heimlich Quotes

4 John Heimlich quotes:

"The painful reality for passenger carriers is that the domestic market has been unwilling to accept fares that reflect high fuel prices."
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"[So why even have a first class? Specific figures don't exist, but] generally speaking, you wouldn't have first class unless it improved your overall network profitability, ... While it is more expensive to provide first-class service, the idea of having it is to cater to the business traveler, differentiate the cabin and charge a premium. The longer the trip, the more the consumer cares about the food, seat comfort and additional options."
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"The load factors are unprecedented, and in a pre-9/11 environment, this would clearly be a boon to (higher fares). With the way things are, we are only getting a modest (fare) benefit."
"I still see the economy as absolute the No. 1 factor, (even with) as many other factors as there are nowadays,"

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