Lorenzo Romar Quotes

10 Lorenzo Romar quotes:

"We came out somewhat lethargic at the start of the second half, and they took advantage."
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"He's a stellar defender and a really good athlete and probably passes the ball as well as anyone in our program."
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"Before we make any comparisons, we better see what happens there. You have faith in your team. You don't think they're going to lose the next seven."
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"We could not let up at any point of the game, because they would come back and take the lead on us."
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"What those five guys have is a lot of versatility, ... When you look at our program and our philosophy, I think those are the kinds of guys we've tried to recruit, guys who have a lot of versatility about them."
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"They are a very, very good basketball team. We look forward to the challenge. We want to play against the best competition."
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"I don't know the people in Los Angeles understand the job UCLA is doing winning games with all those guys banged up. That's hard to do."
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"Right now we need to put 40 minutes of intense basketball together. Right now that's the biggest monkey on our back."
Author: Romar Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"There was a time when he didn't play intensely. In terms of his ability, since the day he became eligible he has been our best all-around player. He's so selfless and such a team guy that he was fine deferring to his teammates to be successful. This year, he's come around more."
Author: Romar Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"If we didn't get him, I'm glad UA got him because Lute does a great job. When you get to know someone like Marcus, you pull for him. He's in good hands."

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