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Kevin Williams Quotes

9 Kevin Williams quotes:

"We have really lofty goals this season. At 2-0 so far, it's not time to even think about slowing down. We have to not get the big head, not start thinking we're better than we are. We have to take it week by week."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"He would have been proud of our girls tonight. He was a tough guy, and we had to play extra hard."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"I think their new offense is pretty good. It's an improvement, but it will take some time to get running."
"The only two chances we had were fluffed, but in a rare attack we scored a lovely try. Our confidence returned and with it, a belief that we could win."
"I play like I know how, ... with the God-given ability I have."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Defensively I was worried because I thought we were giving up some easy shots, but I looked up and we've only given up seven points. A lot of times we got greedy defensively and were out of position."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"It lulls us to sleep. They try and make a lot of passes, and then make a back-cut. That gets on our nerves. Usually after the first quarter, we pick it up and handle it."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Sleep Quotes
"Constructing a new jail with only 608 beds will handcuff our next sheriff and inevitably force the county board to ask the taxpayers for more jail money in the very near term. Using the hard-earned money of the taxpayers to move forward on yet another short-term fix that fails to resolve the long standing problem of overcrowding is unacceptable."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"My first priority is finding a place for my family to lay their heads down."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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