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"We've said from the start that this is about securing affordable health care benefits for these workers. The changes the company made in the recent proposal still do not address our members' greatest concern -- health care. The $1,000 increase in the signing bonus was not the only addition in the company's proposal; there were several items that would severely hurt the members of this union. We have made a counter proposal and are awaiting a response from the company."
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"We will return to our jobs with our heads held high."
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"What people made the decision on was the medical package. This company came to us six months ago with that and we told them that the membership was not going to accept it."
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"I'm very concerned about that. We are out here fighting for health care and the middle class. The middle class is the backbone of society and it needs to stop somewhere."
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"Negotiators were prepared to discuss that issue today, but Sikorsky would rather play games than engage in good-faith bargaining that would get people back to work."
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"The outpouring of support from other unions and from local and state officials has been overwhelming. Sikorsky Teamsters know that they are not alone in this difficult fight, and we are standing strong."
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